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fktht: your blog is lovely :)

thank you :)

eruditeheart: Your blog is absolutely stunning.

Ah, thank you :)

bur-gun-dy: You have the cutest blog!! Would you mind checking mine?? I think you might like it ....

Oh I absolutely love it! I’m rebloging a lot of it onto my couture blog. If you haven’t seen it, it’s here! :)

lexmarion-deactivated20130924: Your blog is great! Because of this, I was wondering if I could get a bluntly honest personal opinion from you on how mine is doing. Do you mind? Thanks x

Thank you :)
To be bluntly honest, I really do like your blog. The name and icon is fantastic! As is the content. Your layout wouldn’t be my personal choice, but otherwise, it’s lovely! 

Anonymous: What is the meaning of life?

I haven’t a clue.

nakedmannequin7: Lovely blog

Thank you <3

paris-someday: thoroughly in love with your blogs. just wanted to let you know. :) (by the way "pensievee" is me haha in case you were wondering who just reblogged the shit out of your blogs)

I love when people reblog the shit out of my stuff. :)
Thank you for being awesome. And for having a lovely page!

big-city-big-dream: your blog is perfection omg!

Ah! Thank you thank you thank you :)

and-its-all-black-and-white: can you check out my blog and tell me what you think?

I already have and I think it’s lovely :)

pushoverharriet: You're my inspiration cause you're so AMAZING!

Awe. Thank you! Your page is lovely! <3